"Only these peoples who burn itselfs, can ignite other people." (Hl. Augustinus)


Founder / Entrepreneur

Businessman, Founder and Entrepreneur

Already when I was young, I like to read success books and biographies about successful people and entrepreneurs. When I studied business administration I already start to work as a freelancer and did little projects. After I graduated at university bigger projects came on top.

In year 2010 I took over a publishing company and managing it from China then. After renewing the website with an online-access for every reader, a lot of new authors and guest-authors participate the company. The company went a successful way, even when regulation of the financial sector and declining the numbers of financial adviser in germany made it difficult, that we closed the company in 2019. 

In year 2013 I made a dream come true, as I like to brew beer at home several years earlier.  Therefore I turned my hobby into career and opened a brewhouse and sportsbar in Wuhua/China. I started with market research and tests for some month and also some calculations, which showed great promise. At this time the craft-brewing scene from America also swapped over to China, that it was easier to find supplier for german malt, hops and yeast. Shortly after the opening it went to be a big success. Without any advertisement the brewhouse was fast very famous in the city and quiet place for watching football, chatting and drinking of quality beer for a lot of Chinese and also some foreigner. At the moment we are serving 5 different types of german beer (Märzen, Wheatbeer, Alt, Blackbeer, and a Wheatbock). In year 2017 we needed to invest in a larger beer equipment, because of steady increasing demand. 
In end of 2018 I will hand the brewhouse and sportsbar over to my brother in law after some more detailed instructions and knowledge. He followed me on the whole way of brewing beer in China.


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