The human can resist himself against an attack, but not against a praise (Siegmund Freud)


chinese experience

11 years in China

  • 2007 leaving Germany to Shenzhen/China to work for a german company developing financial calculators.
  • 2009 start studying 7 semesters Chinese at Shenzhen University and working only part-time.
  • 2012 leaving the big city Shenzhen to my wife's hometown Wuhua, which is more countryside (around 1 Mio. population), where I developed an own financial calculator, which was produced a year later.
  • 2013 start brewing beer and shortly after opening a brewhouse and sportsbar in Wuhua.
  • 2018 left China, because of a good job as sales controller for asia-pacific-region at ifm electronic GmbH.



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